What are the Ten Days of Gratitude

The ‘Ten Days of Gratitude’ weave the days from Yom Ha’Shoah to Yom Ha’atzmaut together with a thread of gratitude. This year the ‘Ten Days of Gratitude’ runs on April 6th – 15th, 2021, 24 Nissan to 3 Iyar 5781.The Days of Awe represent a period of spiritual soul-searching and repentance for misdeeds committed against ourselves, our fellows and God. The ‘Ten Days of Gratitude’ offers an opportunity for national soul-searching as we inquire into our relationship to our homeland and recognize the gift of sovereignty together with the complex challenges that remain to be resolved.

The ‘Ten Days of Gratitude’ provides us with a chance to appreciate and give thanks for the accomplishments, achievements and successes of our nation, integrating gratitude into our way of being for this period of national reflection.

In 2020, inspired by 'Ten Days of Gratitude,' a new and international initiative was established: 'Days of Gratitude.' This initiative, led by : The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education, expanded this year, producing a multitude of gratitude related activities and content, anchored in the first day of each Jewish month, and engaging hundreds of organizations and communities, and thousands of people from around the world.

You can join us by participating in the ‘Ten Days of Gratitude’ through the many events taking place around Israel, from evenings of learning and discussion to public encounters and interventions.
Together we can turn gratitude into a cornerstone of our national calendar and a character trait of our society.

about us

The 'Ten Days of Gratitude' is an initiative spearheaded by the alumni of 'Beit Prat – Israeli Midrasha', Israel's leading pluralistic Beit Midrash for young adults. At Beit Prat, hundreds of young adults come together each year to learn canonical Jewish texts and forge a dynamic, diverse network of young adults grounded in Jewish learning, community and activism.

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